The Power of Your Mindset…hmm

Have you ever thought how literally every situation in our lives can be perceived from 2 extreme points of view and anything that’s in-between? And how it’s really up to us how we want to see our own world and how we eventually decide to see it?

How does it apply to Barcelona? Good question. Well, let’s see. Let’s start with a simple question: Are you here because you wanted to be here? At one of the countless social events I went to, I heard the following answer from a “fellow Expat”.

“I wanted to go to Argentina but I got a job in Barcelona so I settled for that.”

How on earth does that sound??? Well kinda “low life” to be honest. How about:

“I moved to Barcelona from the outskirts of Rotterdam.  I wanted to be by the water,  I wanted a country where they speak Spanish and I love hiking!! Hola Barcelona,  here I am!!!”

That’s the “high life” deep inside we all want.

Another time I heard another person say:

“Someone was just lucky and got that job.”

Well, come on now. Let me ask you: Why aren’t YOU lucky? And if you admit that there is an infinitesimal chance that luck actually does exist, why do you have such strong beliefs about the need of preparation and hard work? And – honestly – why would anyone be more lucky than you?

Or another example:

“Oh, this person got a job and I know for a fact that he is better in A, B, C and Z.  I won’t even apply ’cause I don’t stand a chance… “

All of those stories are so typical! Why do you think they aren’t really “success” stories? Well, because there is no success thread in them. Not even a tiniest one intertwined somewhere in between the lines. I believe that at this point you probably have the same feeling. Let me share some lessons for today, then. I’ll make it simple, ’cause there is really nothing complicated about our mindsets ;)

  1. You are lucky to be where you are.
  2. If not – you can get lucky and get where you want to get.
  3. If not – you can be as good as a person who got there or even better because nobody is better at being you than you.
  4. If not – see number 1 and know that you are double lucky because life is just about to teach you a lesson.
  5. Boom :-D

Well, here is what an Expat Life Coach will help you with. A coach will help you come up with new perspectives. A lot of them, actually. And although they do NOT have to necessarily work for you, they WILL help you soften your own vision and open you up to some new possibilities. Different people see completely different things in the exact same situation. You do, too. Then each one of you will go and make your own decisions based on what you saw. And although all of you start initially in the same moment and circumstances, you all create a different “rest of your lives”. Why not choose the “rest of your life” that’s happy and successful? There is literally nothing that can stop you from making that choice except you, mi amigo. So you might as well go ahead and start now. Good luck!

P.S. Let me know if you need any help ;)

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