Suite Coaching

The Name

Suite (music), \noun \’swēt – A set of musical pieces considered as one composition, wholeness.

Coaching, \noun \kōching –  A training or development process via which an individual is supported while achieving a specific personal or professional competence result or goal.

Suite Coaching –  A growth process through which an individual is supported while gaining knowledge, experience, understanding, connections, goals, relationships, purpose, success, happiness – WHOLENESS. A life that truly SOUNDS great! 


The Coach

Joanna Jarosz is an Associated Certified Coach (ICF credential) working with people who want to see a Change in their Lives and who are ready to express on the Outside who they are on the Inside – with their Actions, in their Relationships, in their Jobs, in their Hobbies, in their every single Day. Life Coaching recognizes all kinds of Changes – personality change, lifestyle change, relationships (not only romantic, but also family relationships or friendships) or when you start your own business. As a Life Coach, she strongly believes that it is her role to support You on that way. The Purpose of her Life is to be the Courage and Love that people want in their Lives in order to get where they wish to be.

Joanna loves helping people thrive in life and reach their fullest potential. She is a lover of life, a newlywed, and an amazing life coach. She is the founder of Suite Coaching and Vision Coaching Academy.



The Vision

Imagine a world in which everyone has a vision of their work – a sense of choice and purpose. And while we all know where it is we’re going, we also feel that it is consistent with who we are, our values and our skills. And that awareness gives us a feeling of fulfillment and wholeness. Following our life’s purpose, we radiate with our inner light.


The Mission

I would love people around me to be happy and fulfilled. Happy with who they are and fulfilled, with the feeling that they are “on the right path” – connected to their life purpose. I want people to live a life that is focused on what’s right and grow from there. I want everyone to be able to use their values, tools and skills they posses in a process of positive and happy creation.


The Beginning

Close your eyes. Go ahead, close them. Have You ever had a dream in which you were trying to fly but you were barely hanging above the ground flapping your weak wings helplessly. Or you really wanted to run, but you couldn’t, Your legs felt like they were made of clay. There was something pulling you back and there was absolutely nothing you could do about it. Picture that vividly and become aware of your feelings. It’s ok, you can open your eyes now.

In real life there are things which hold us back, too. They can be external, but a lot of times we have our internal struggles that consume our energy and don’t allow us to live to our highest potential. Sometimes it can be a bad day – You wake up in the morning and everything is simply…not right. But what if You feel like that every day, a little under the weather, a little short of breath, having a little too much to deal with and being a little out of balance. What if you live an “under”-life although you know that in different reality, in a different scenario, everything can be easy. And you can feel amazing living that scenario and you can be that amazing You living that alternative life.

So what is stopping You?


The Process

Life Coaching will help You re-discover who You are, re-introduce You to Your life purpose and assist You in building a strong connection to that Vision. In a safe environment, using powerful questions, challenging You on every step, I will help You push Yourself towards Your dreams and goals. Life Coaching will get You far beyond Your perceived limitations. Remember, there are no obstacles on our way, what You see are just Holograms! Focusing on You as a WHOLE person, Suite Coaching will explore ALL areas of Your Life – Your personality, relationships, health, family, career, finances, spirituality and many more that are important to You. Suite Coaching will help You make Your life a Suite – a Whole, Beautiful Composition of Your Dreams!

Together we will:

– set performance targets for goals that You choose

– cope with Your stress or pressure

– develop Your long-term vision and maintain it over time

– deal with the “saboteur” – negative beliefs that might be affecting Your performance every day

– analyze Your performance and try to improve it

– keep You motivated,

it is YOUR LIFE You will be creating!

So what are You waiting for? I’m ready to do the Job and take You on a journey to Your Better Self! Call Me and schedule a session Today! And then start living Your life. Fully expressed and fully experienced!



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