Coaching Sessions

Coaching can bring change in various areas of your life. What would you like to begin with?


So You arrived… What To Do Next?

Do You have a Vision but You don’t know how to get there? You arrived to a new place but You don’t know where to start? Great! Here is what we can work on together:

– What are the 3 things You want to achieve in the next 3 months?

– How would You like to get there?

– What does it mean for Your everyday plan?

– Let’s make a schedule You can commit to.

– How many hours a day will You work on Your goals?

– What would You do on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday?

– In the first month I will…

– In the second month I will…

– In the third month I will…


Why did You arrive here: What is Your Life Vision?

During this Quick, In-Depth, Very Intense coaching session I will work with You to get to the core of who You are and why did you decide to move:

– What is Your Vision?

– Why did You arrive here?

– What is Your inner voice telling You?

– What are Your life goals?

– What is Your life purpose?

– How do You want to move forward?

– How do You want to get there?

– What do You got – values, needs, beliefs?

– What do You need – skills, mindset, opportunities?

– What are the blocks that are preventing You from moving forward?


So You got here, but… Get Back On Track!

– Do You have a prevailing feeling that something doesn’t feel quite right? Like this is not where You were supposed to be?

– Do You feel like your childhood dreams got somewhat forgotten on Your way through Life?

If so, Welcome! Because I would LOVE to work with You!

Together we will:

– set performance targets for goals that You choose

– cope with Your stress or pressure

– develop Your long-term vision and maintain it over time

– deal with the “saboteur” – negative beliefs that might be affecting Your performance every day

– analyze Your performance and try to improve it

– keep You motivated,

it is YOUR LIFE You will be creating!


Now… Live Your Life: Courage Coaching

Do You know what You want to achieve but You don’t have enough courage to do that? If so, let’s work together as a team to help You achieve the following:

– create a firm foundation of why is it that You want to achieve that

– discover Your inspiration

– discover what motivates You

– what will help You make the next step

– if the next step is too big, what is the next smaller step

– how to take action even if You are scared or don’t know how to do something?

– how to be afraid but do it anyway?

– what to do if You really don’t know what to do?

– what are Your resources, people who can support You, skills that can help You

– winning, fearless mindset


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