What is Life Coaching and what can it offer you?

International Coach Federation defines life coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

The purpose of Life Coaching is to assist people on their path to creating a happy, healthy, fully experienced and fully expressed life.

A Life Coach is someone who is genuinely interested in who you are, your goals, your mission, and life purpose. Someone who wants to bring out your strengths, potential and creativity. Life Coach will always talk to you from a place of unconditional positive regard and unconditional acceptance.

What are the benefits of Coaching?

Clients feel empowered and supported by the coaching relationship and no longer see their problems as unsolvable and tasks as hard. While they create the lives of their dreams, they become more fulfilled and happy. When clients experience more love, happiness, health, and wealth, they have better relationships, contribute more to their new community, have better work-related outcomes, and better mental and physical health.

Some of the benefits include:

improved self-awareness                                   lower stress level

                                 larger vision                                                            career change

smarter goal setting                                       healthier lifestyle

better communication skills                                                                 more fun

           efficient problem solving                            more income

self-confidence                                                 more free time

enhanced self-acceptance                                        deeper appreciation of life


How is coaching different from therapy, counseling or mentoring?

The uniqueness of life coaching lies in the fact that it concentrates on wellness and health rather than pathology, it promotes what is right rather than what went wrong. The higher purpose of life coaching is not to heal or repair what has been broken. The clients are whole and healthy, they are not broken nor are they sick. The goal of life coaching is to nurture what is best in people.

Coaching vs. consulting

Life coaching empowers people and holds them accountable for the results they wish to achieve. During Life Coaching sessions the clients discover who they need to become in order to achieve their goals. A consultant on the other hand is supposed to deliver the end result and takes full responsibility for the project. In Life Coaching the client is responsible for internal change and the growth process. In consulting, it is the external, final result that matters and is delivered.

Coaching vs therapy

Therapy in majority focuses on past experiences, especially on what went wrong. Therapy analyzes past feelings and behaviours in order to find the unhealthy patterns and try to fix them. Life coaching clients are always perceived as healthy, well and whole individuals, who are seeking for a richer life. The focus is on wellness and living a life “on purpose”. Life coaching is rooted in the present and focused on what a client wants to achieve beginning today and later in the future. Life coaching is always about moving forward where clients are creating lives of their dreams.

Coaching vs mentoring

A mentor is considered an expert in the field – a person who can guide others by sharing his or her experience and knowledge. In Life Coaching, where the field is the client’s own life, it is the Client who is an expert of his or her own life. Life Coaching perceives all clients as fully capable individuals, who have all the answers and only need a “nudge” to find them. Life Coaches do not give advice – they help their clients find those answers themselves. By supporting and encouraging clients on every step, Life Coaches give them their clients a unique key to unlock their own brilliance.


In what areas of your life can you be coached?

All of them. Life coaching reaches to all domains of people’s experience: behavior, thoughts, feelings and environment in order to strengthen all aspects of our lives. Life coach will sit down with you to assess the level of satisfaction in each area of your life and overall balance in life.

A few examples of those aspects include:

health                                     mind

family                               heart

career                          environment

                transitions                              relationships

                                    life balance                       fun

finances                  hobby


intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth

well-being               personality


How long does a Life Coaching process take?

It totally depends on your progression. Some people can introduce long term, beneficial and desired changes already after 2 sessions. Some take longer to discover their blind spots, behavior patterns and the “inner saboteur” before making their first step towards a significant change.


Is coaching for me? Why should I have a Life Coach?

Absolutely. Just as top athletes have coaches or musicians have their maestros, why not hire a Life Coach if you want more out of Life?

As adults we have responsibilities from multiple areas of our lives and our actions and their consequences mean so much! When kids want to learn a sport, the fact that the coach is the best solution is not even a subject of discussion, it’s obvious! Why not have a coach to make sure we know our life purpose and we live in a way that reflects it and brings us closer to it every day? Why not learn how to be a better person, build better relationships, be better at work, be a better friend or a member of a family? Life Coaching can open infinite doors, each one leading to personal growth and improvement!


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