The Power of Asking Questions

I’m definitely not a person who gives a lot of advice. Actually, to be perfectly honest, I hardly ever do unless asked for it directly. Why? Mainly because I just typically assume that others know “a little” more about their lives than I do. “A little” is a euphemism of course ;) But if I were to give advice, what would it be… what would it be…

” Never stop asking questions.”

That’s my advice. Never stop asking questions, never hesitate to ask for a clarification if you feel lost and never stop asking for help if you need it. And really, just make sure you never stop. It’s in human nature to answer, to help and to explain. Have you ever met a person who knows an answer to a question and wouldn’t share it with you, when asked? Oh, I have met plenty of those people, but I’m not talking about high school here ;) I’m talking about a real life situation. You ask somebody for directions, you ask somebody else how to fill out a form, you ask your friend if you should get back together with your ex, you ask your parents what you should do in your life – they will all tell you the answer to the best of their knowledge. Especially your parents would be more than eager to share theirs ;)

And what about if you honestly need help and you ask people to help you – you need someone to feed your cat while you’re gone, you need a person to give a second opinion on the project you’ve been working on, or you simply need advice which football club to join. Trust me – you will find help very quickly. People love to help – it IS in their nature. However – and you will find it true for yourself as well – it’s always nicer to help those you feel connected to. And it’s easier to help people you know or those you’ve met once before.

That connection doesn’t have to be deep. “I know someone who knows someone” is sometimes enough. But connection works both ways. So tell me: can You help another person? Are You already that one person somebody else wants to be connected to? If yes, you do know what I’m talking about and you understand that being connected opens a whole new dimension to your world. You know, because it already happened for you. If not… great! Here is my advice: get connected! Reach out to people, start asking for help, start asking questions, and make sure… that you never stop.