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I grew up in Wroclaw, Poland – a beautiful, old city. My whole childhood, I was playing cello and chasing sounds in the music school. Although this was not meant to be my path, music has always been a huge part of my life and I still catch myself listening for harmony…

Years later I graduated from University of Minnesota (USA) with a degree in Economics. After having worked in Warsaw (Poland) for a year I moved to London only to leave that beautiful city after a year and a half and move back to the US. I could not have felt more lost at that time. I traveled and searched for whatever would be my life purpose, never really feeling that I have one.


I moved to Atlanta in 2012 to live with love of my life – Boo (we are happily married now!). Yet again, I had to create my life all over again. And for the first time, I was able to consciously create a life that had everything that I loved! I gained many friends, became pro-active at work and continued helping others. I also became a very valuable community member, as I dedicated my music talent to a local church and joined the team with my cello. Creating a life I love required a lot of work, perseverance and a significant shift in mindset, but it was worth it!

And then… we moved to Barcelona, Spain!

Having lived in the United States, Poland, England, and now Spain, I am MORE than familiar with all the challenges a person has to face when moving to a new place and starting everything all over again. Life lessons we learn, though, remain with us for a life time. And so, I learned from others as well as from my own experience how to create an amazing life in a foreign country. Now I want to share my experience by coaching others. People say that I am an inspiration to many who want to make the right changes for themselves to go back to who they were, have the success of their dreams, and thrive in life.


My Credentials and Why do I think I will make a difference in Your Life?

I hold an Associate Certified Coach credential with the ICF (International Coach Federation). I have 2 years of coaching experience. My first research paper in the field of Life Coaching will be published in February in International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring. I also have a Master’s degree in economics and mathematics, but that’s an old story…

My life experience is so vast, I could easily share with a dozen of people! I transitioned from a music career through doing research in economics and mathematics to online marketing and from there to Life Coaching! What a journey that was! I started out in Wroclaw, Poland and I lived in Minneapolis, MN, then London, UK, Atlanta, GA and finally Barcelona, Spain! At the end of that path I found the greatest gift – Myself and my Life Purpose. And that – as it turned out – was just the beginning.

Untitled drawing (1)I know what it takes to make a change and I can help You with that! I know how hard it is to create a life in a foreign country, but it is possible! I am happily married, I am very close with my family, even though they all live far away. I am a great friend and know how to build deep, meaningful relationships that last and help me grow. Staying active allowed me to create a healthy, balanced lifestyle that totally fits Me and who I am!

What is it that You want to create in Your Life? I can help You make that happen!



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